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OpenERP 6.1 Creating ACL

posted Jun 11, 2014, 1:36 PM by Net3Sixty Admin   [ updated Jun 11, 2014, 10:10 PM ]
Date: 20140611

HOW to create ACL base on the following BIZ RULES:

1. User are NOT ALLOWED to create new Supplier/Partner
2. User are ALLOWED to create new Product


1. Login as Admin
2. To satisfy Rule1. Set the user to:
Purchase Management: “User” level
But this will disable the user to create New Products (ie. Rule2), so...
3. Goto: Settings/Customization/Database Structure (The logic is to create Group Rules at the Model/Object/Table level)
4. To satisfy Rule2.
- Select “product.product” model (for Partner Model/Object/Table)
- Click “Access Rights” Tab
- Change the, Purchase Management / User ->Read/Write/Create as below

5. Do the same as #3 above for “product.template” model

6. In “” model
- Create a new Access Right - Access Rules:
- Purchase Management / User->Read/Write/Create

Next, set "JAF FAIZAL" Access Rights as follows:

JAF FAIZAL, Access Rights

To Test, Login and Create PR.
Request for Quotation.

In the Partner field, enter a new Supplier/Partner.
Click “Create and Edit” option.

RFQ New Supplier

You will not be able to enter any data or Save. An OpenERP Warning message pop-ups:

Create Supplier Warning Message

But you are allowed to Create New Products at the PR Form.

That concludes my entry for today.